Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 23: Week 12

I'm back people, from a slight hiatus. But now I am ready to grace you with my intense, edge of your seat, gripping personal training accounts. Let's dive right in....

This was the next to last class for our 12 week transformation for Marc. He started out on the rowing machine for 10 min, and then moved onto 3 various squat movements. He was in a normal squat position, then up on his toes (working the calves), then feet pointed out to the sides (working the inner thigh). Then it was on to upper body, where he performed regular push ups, dips, and mountain climbers. Marc was then down on the ground for some core work. He performed sit ups and held in plank.

Break time.....

Ok, he's back for more cardio on a 10 incline and speed of 3.5 on the treadmill, for 5 min. We then went back to lower body, where Marc performed stationary lunges. Marc then used the resistance tubing and performed rows and bicep curls. Marc moved onto core, where he held again in plank and side plank.

Not too shabby of a workout. He really has come a long way, compared to 12 weeks ago. I hope we don't cry on Wednesday with it being the last class and all. Hopefully the TRX will wash away those feelings.

Friday, March 12, 2010

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Day 18: Week 9- Now I remember...

I still cannot remember Monday, but I can remember Wednesday. Sylvie was there, Marc was not, due to more magazine stuff. I started Sylvie off on the rowing machine for 10 min, then onto the treadmill, starting at an incline of 7, moving up to an incline of 10, over a 10 min span. She stayed at a constant 3.5 speed. We then moved onto some face paced sets, that consisted of upper/ lower body and core. I had Sylvie complete 1 min of mountain climbers, followed directly by 1 min of push ups, followed by 4 times up and down the large set of stairs at the gym. Sylvie had a one min break, then it was onto using the stepper. Sylvie placed her left on the stepper, facing sideways, and the other foot was on the ground. She performed squats for 1 min with this foot placement. Having one foot higher than the other, makes her quads work that much more, therefore shedding those lbs and building more muscle. She then switched legs and did another straight min. Then Sylvie worked her upper body (triceps), by performing dips, with her hands on the bench. Remember to keep your back close to the bench, elbows in tight to your body, and breathe! Sylvie was then back to the stairs for another round of 4. Sylvie performed 2 rounds of each of these sets (mountain climbers + push ups + stairs AND squats + push ups + stairs). We ended with Sylvie holding in plank position, to work that entire core and tighten that tummy. She started in regular plank position, then raised her right arm and continued to hold, then her left arm, right leg, and finally her left leg.

Great job today Sylvie, get it!

Day 17: Week 9

I was going to make something up, but honestly, I can't remember for the life of me, what we did on Monday. Sylvie was there, Marc was not, due to personally delivering the NEW issue of Focus Magazine- South Tampa, to bins across the area. All I remember is, Sylvie was definitely there, and I'm sure, without a doubt, she brought the pain! I guess this is a lesson for me, to update the day after our session. My memory is beginning to go, in old age ;)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 16: Week 8- I'm All Fired Up!

Hey gals and guys, dudes, and dudettes. Welcome to another fineeeeeeee blog post. So after a slight hiatus from training, Marc and Sylvie were back. I found an awesome Tabata style workout, that I wanted to use in my Bootcamp, which will be starting March 8th (little plug). So, I figured why not try it out tonight to see how it flows.

I started Marc and Sylvie off at the stationary bike and the row machine for 10 min each and then had them swap. We then moved onto the Tabata workout. Just a quick reminder, Tabata workout is, 7 rounds of 7 exercise (20 sec on, 10 sec off) for 4 min per round. Make sense? If not don't worry, it works out to be about 30 min of nonstop goodness. I ran through the 7 exercises they would be doing 7 times through, at 4 min each. Still not making sense, no worries. I had them do side to side jump lunges, which you can see in the video, except they were jumping side to side and bringing the back leg behind their front leg. I then had them do bear/ army crawls, which works the upper body, as well as entire core. Then it was onto jump squats. Then onto jump lunges. Then push-ups, then knee ups, where they jog in place, bring those knees as far up as they can, again working that lower body and core. They ended each round with mountain climbers, working that entire core once again.

I was FIRED UP, so you know it was a good time ;) Marc and Sylvie did a tremendous job and both noticed that they had lost weight. They were stokeddddd!

Until next week......

Day 15: Week 8- Day of Rest- Part Deux

Sylvie had surgery, Marc had Focus Magazine deadlines. They will LITERALLY enter Hell on Wednesday, that I promise you