Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 23: Week 12

I'm back people, from a slight hiatus. But now I am ready to grace you with my intense, edge of your seat, gripping personal training accounts. Let's dive right in....

This was the next to last class for our 12 week transformation for Marc. He started out on the rowing machine for 10 min, and then moved onto 3 various squat movements. He was in a normal squat position, then up on his toes (working the calves), then feet pointed out to the sides (working the inner thigh). Then it was on to upper body, where he performed regular push ups, dips, and mountain climbers. Marc was then down on the ground for some core work. He performed sit ups and held in plank.

Break time.....

Ok, he's back for more cardio on a 10 incline and speed of 3.5 on the treadmill, for 5 min. We then went back to lower body, where Marc performed stationary lunges. Marc then used the resistance tubing and performed rows and bicep curls. Marc moved onto core, where he held again in plank and side plank.

Not too shabby of a workout. He really has come a long way, compared to 12 weeks ago. I hope we don't cry on Wednesday with it being the last class and all. Hopefully the TRX will wash away those feelings.

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