Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 14: Week 7- Day of Rest

Marc, Sylvie, and I have taken a mental health day. See you all next week!

Day 13: Week 7- Lower Body

I arrived right on time, but Marc was already on the treadmill, doing his thing. Makes me feel good as a trainer, that even when I'm not around, my clients will still push themselves. Marc has had a stressful week, due to the first issue of Focus Magazine coming out in South Tampa, sometime next week. Sylvie was not able to make it today, so I told Marc, he'd be working out for two tonight. Marc continued on the treadmill, with me, increasing and decreasing the speeds, every minute, so that he was getting that extra push, to shed those lbs.

We then moved over to "our spot," which is nicely tucked away. I had Marc perform the lower body workout, I had Sylvie perform the prior week (please see Day 11: Week 6). Marc owned it tonight, and definitely worked out for two!

I can't believe I haven't mentioned this yet, but Marc has me do my own workout, twice each week too. He has some difficulty with his combo lock for his locker. Keep in mind, these are the locks you had in high school, where you have to turn it to the right past zero twice, to your number, back to the left past zero once, to your number, then back to the third number. One would think Marc would catch on, but I'm pretty sure it's just pay back for the hell that is unleashed upon him twice a week.

Great job Marc, don't work too hard, and congrats on your first issue! Maybe get a lock with a key? I'm just sayin...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 12: Week 6- Maximum Heart rate

Wednesday, Marc returned and yes he did enter into hell, as my last post promised. He described it as dark, but yet light, and smelled like burnt glass. I dunno guys, that's just what he said. Moving on....

I started Marc and Sylvie both out on the stationary bike, set at the "fat loss" program for 10 min. Sylvie wore her knee and wrist brace today, as I had requested to help make sure her joints stay warm and tight. I then moved one of them to the row machine and the other to the treadmill for 10 min, then they switched spots. On the row machine, I set the resistance slightly above where I knew they were comfortable. Remember to always go above your comfort zone, if you are wanting results. I had them switch from a narrow to a wide grip on the rower, working different muscles in the back. On the treadmill, I had them jog, sprint, side shuffle, and back pedal, all while increasing/ decreasing the speed and raising/ lower the incline.

We then moved onto a condensed version of tabatas. I had them do push ups, with normal hand positioning, wide hands, and off set hands. They then dropped down for abs. I had them on their backs first, where they hovered their feet 6 in. above the ground, working their lower abs. I then had them flip over and hold in plank and make a "sawing" motion, by shifting their weight back and forth on their toes, this engages every "core" muscle you have. Great exercise! I then moved them to the "sandpit." This is an actual pit of sand at the gym, where the sand makes each and every exercise more challenging, due to the sand displacing your footing. I had Marc and Sylvie, do side-shuffles, sprints, suicides, and back pedals.

I asked them both to stretch, but they both said they needed a second to breathe. I would say that's a workout folks!

Day 11: Week 6- Work them Legs!

On Monday, Sylvie and I worked on Lower Body. Marc was not able to be there, which means he will enter into Hell on Wednesday. That's the price you pay buddy ;)

I started Sylvie on the stationary bike, where so worked the "cardio" program for about 20 min, increasing and decreasing the resistance with no notice. We then moved onto some lower body exercises. I ran Sylvie through a similar lower body program, I do during my "strength training" class at Elite Fitness, in St. Pete. I had Sylvie lay on her back and do 3 sets of 30 reps of leg raises with a 3 count up and 3 count down, working her hamstring, quads, and hip flexor. I then had her lie next to her stepper and perform 3 sets of 30 reps of inside leg raises, working her inner thigh. Sylvie then completed 3 sets of 30 reps, of kick backs. She placed her forearms on the stepper and brought one knee into the chest and kicked it back, working her glutes. We ended with the ab 20 reps of ab crunches on the fitness ball. One rep consisted of crunching to the middle, left side, middle, and right side.

Sylvie did a hell of a job. She told me when she drives home, it's either she can't steer or work the gas and brake in her car, depending upon what muscle group we worked that day. I said, "First off, Man-up and would you rather be in shape in get in an accident?" We all know what the answer was....

Monday, February 15, 2010

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 10: Week 5- "I just can't get enough..."

"Row, Pull, Push, Core!" This is all that Marc heard me screaming at him last night during our training session. Sylvie was not able to join us tonight, but stated she was going to the "mini trampoline" class and "spin class" at the gym Thursday and Friday. And yes, to answer your question, I will be checking in on her! I DON'T PLAY!
I started Marc off on the rowing machine for 15 min, making sure he kept his speed up. I had Marc switch his grip on the handle, from wide, to narrow, every 5 min, working different parts of his back and shoulders. Needless to say, Marc was SPENT, after this "warm-up?"
But, as he always does, he pressed on and brought it up a notch. We moved onto the Assissted Pull-up and Dip machine. I had Marc switch up his hand placement on the handles above, so that he was able to hit all the different muscles in his back, shoulders, chest, etc. Marc did three sets of 10 reps of pull-ups and dips. In between each set, Marc dropped to the floor and did 10 push-ups and diamond push ups (working the chest, back, shoulders, biceps, tri-ceps, etc). After reading this, one would conclude that Marc would have total "jello-arms," but he was ready for more. Talk about DETERMINATION!
We snuck into the TRX room for the last 20 min. Each time we meet, Marc asks me if we can do TRX today. I'm glad to hear that he is as STOKED about TRX as I am. It really is the best thing since sliced bread, and yes, I am being totally serious. It works your entire core and improves your balance, all by using your own body weight. I better move on before I start to tear up over 2 little canvas straps. But seriously check TRX out!
Ok, so I had Marc do "2 handed/ 1 handed chest-press and tricep extension." He then moved onto the floor on his back, with his heels in the foot cradles, working lower body. I had Marc do, "hip raises and pedal pushers." We then ended with abs. I had Marc flip over to his stomach with his toes in the foot cradles. Marc completed, "suspended plank, side plank, and crunch."
After all of that loveliness, Marc stretched and then, FINALLY, he admitted he was "DONE." Stick a fork in him folks!

Day 9: Week 5- Cardio/ Kettlebell

I like to keep things fresh, so today after 30 min of Cardio on the Stair- Stepper, Marc and Sylvie dabbled in some Kettlebell. I went over the basic swings with them (2- handed, single, clean, press, etc.) I told them the main tool is your hips, always drive those hips forward on a swing, so that momentum becomes your friend. We spent about 15 min running through each of these drills. Marc and Sylvie loved it! Well, they didn't really come out and say that, but I'm running with it.
Sylvie is doing so well each week. Remember she suffers from MS. She is attempting every exercise I throw at her, and together we are making modifications as needed.
Marc and Sylvie then dropped down for abs. I had them do, "toe tappers, butterfly tappers, and oblique crunches," making sure they hit their entire core.
Great end, to a great beginning, as we start on the second month of their Total Mind and Body Transformations.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Photo Sesh

Took pics with my girl Jess w/ birdlime photography today @ Ballast Point Park in South Tampa. Check it!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 8: Week 4- TRX

I had missed my TRX class, so I figured why not have Marc and Sylvie do one, that way I can still get my fix ;) I had them warm-up for about 5 min on the TRX, then we jumped right into our Circuit style session. Circuit style consists of 3 Rounds, and 4 blocks, working the Lower body, Upper body, Core, and Cardio. Each block contains 2 exercises for that body part. At the end of each Round, Marc and Sylvie were able to Rest for a WHOLE 1 min! mmmwwwaaahhh.... They both, had a well deserved cooled down on the TRX for about 5 min. Way to go guys!

Day 7: Week 4- Cardio

Cardio, cardio, cardio, weights, weights, weights, is what I was yelling to Marc and Sylvie as they pressed through a grueling workout on Monday. I put them both on the treadmill for about 30 min and started them off in a jog at Level 6 incline. Every 2 min, I would decrease the speed and incline and then bring it back up, the next 2 min. For the last 5 min of cardio, I had both of them at the highest incline, at a speed of 3.2. They both were panting, sweating, and moaning, as they watched the timer count down to 0. We then moved onto weights, where I had them take turns doing sit-ups, bench press, lat pull downs, rows, and plank. Both Marc and Sylvie proved to me, that they want to be Fit and Healthy, by benching like machines and working those abs, like it was nobody's business. Great end to our one month journey. We will be checking weight and measurements next week. They have no need to worry, all their hard work is paying off.