Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 6: Week 3

Took my TRX class this Wednesday night, then chilled until Marc and Sylvie arrived. Tonight was Tabata style. This style is high intensity, start and stop, and very effective in Fat Loss. Marc and Sylvie started with running up and down the stairs, at first hitting every step, then every other step. We then went right into down and ups, where they both ran in place and went down to touch the floor, when I said so. I had them change hand positions, from in front of them, to over their heads, to out to their sides. They then went right into mountain climbers, with added push-ups. Next, I had them face each other and lock legs, and perform sit-ups, we then added 3 lb weights, which they used to perform cross body punches as they sat up (as pictured). Marc and Sylvie hit the heavy bag next, where they performed squats and when coming up, would punch the bag. We switched it up, by adding double punches for each hand, as they popped up. Lastly, they grabbed a bosu ball with the 3 lb weights and did toe taps on the bosu. They ended this grueling 45 min workout, and I mean WORKOUT, with stretching and cool down. They'll be feeling this one....

Day 5: Week 3

Monday night was just Sylvie and I, Marc was "sick," so he says. Sylvie and I worked on upper body. I had Sylvie do a circuit style program, where she would complete 8-10 reps on each machine and then move on the next one. We did each run through, consisting of 6-7 machines, for 3 sets. Sylvie got her game face on and attacked it like it was her job! She started off on the bike, then hit chest press, shoulder press, bicep curl, tricep push down, leg press, hamstring curl, and abs. She is doing so well and isn't showing signs of slowing down. For each set we mixed it up, so she didn't get bored, or myself, or her body. Muscle confusion is the name of the game! Sylvie was spent at the end of the hour. Keep up the good work!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

NEW certification

I am now a Certified TRX instructor!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 4: Week 2

Tonight, Marc and Sylvie tried something, neither of them had tried before..... TRX! I acquainted both of them with their canvas rope contraptions. We ran through the basics, handle/foot cradles, single hand mode, how to raise and lower the straps, facing your anchor point and facing away from your anchor point, etc. Marc and Sylvie did a series of exercises, ranging from 30-45 seconds. They started with an upper-body workout, where they did squats with a row, one handed chest press, one handed tricep extension, etc. I then had them place their TRX, into single-hand mode, where they used only one foot cradle for their lower body workout. They both did single leg runner's lunges, then they added a hop to this movement, working their balance skills. I had them drop to their backs and do hip raises and hamstring curls. We ended with abs. Oh abs, oh abs..... Abs are one of the toughest moves on the TRX. I had Marc and Sylvie get in a push-up position, and they were to bring their knees in to their chest, working their lower and upper abs. We ended with the two of them holding in plank position, engaging their entire core, with their legs suspended. Marc and Sylvie stretched their bodies out with the TRX and we called it a night. Marc and Sylvie stated,they love how each session, is different. They said, they don't want to get bored, and I assured them, that's not going to happen!

I promise next time pictures ;)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 3: Week 2

Tonight went very smoothly and Marc and Sylvie owned it! Tonight they both did a Tabata Style workout. There are many ways to do this style. We chose 7 exercises with 20 seconds of movement, with 10 seconds of rest, for 4 minutes. I organized the program, so that they did cardio, upper body, lower body, and abs. Each exercise worked with Marc and Sylvie's own body weight. The Tabata style is great for rapid change, due to the start and stop technique, maximizing results. They both hung in there tonight and walked away sweaty, slow moving, and a wonderful look on their faces, that said, "Dear God!"....... Tonight was a success!!

I will start adding pictures to each post, so that you all can see their hard work and maybe learn something too

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 2: Focus Magazine Project

Headed up to Powerhouse after work for TRX class, I love this class by the way. It's suspension training that works with your own body weight, for a hellacious 45 min.
Then it was time to meet with Marc and our new addition Sylvie. She is a friend of Marc's, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. I had to do my research on how to train someone with MS, and found some great stuff on diet, nutrition, workouts, etc.
I met with Marc, while Sylvie completed her paperwork. Marc and I went through a circuit workout, where we hit several machines and Marc knocked out 1 set with 12 reps each. While Marc was busy doing his thing, I put Sylvie on the bike, to get warmed-up for about 30 min. This is a very good exercise for someone with MS, as it is very sensitive to the joints. All 3 of us then met to do abs and some resistance bands work. I had Marc do various kinds of sit-ups on the stability ball, push-ups on the floor, etc. Sylvie worked with the resistance bands for some bicep-curls, rows, and then hit the deck for push-ups. We ended our workout with one of my personal favorites, "circles." I had them place their arms straight out to their sides, and move their arms in a circular motion, forward, back, up, etc. It's killer!
I went over nutition and workout plans for the week, until we meet again next week. Stay tuned.....

meet Sylvie

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 1: Focus Magazine project

Met with Marc today from Focus Magazine for our first training session @ Powerhouse Gym in Ybor, Tampa. I will be training him for 90 days, getting him revved up! Today we started off with a quick warm-up, on the treadmill and stretched. I then sent Marc to the indoor stairs. He climbed one step at a time with a light jog, skipping every other step. Then he was off to assisted pull-ups, then to dips. I sent him back to the stairs, where he needed a breather, before tackling them again. "One step at a time," I told him. Breathing is so important when it comes to endurance training. We took it easy the first night as we will gradually increase the workouts as his endurance level builds up. I will work on not only training him physically, but also mentally. Wednesday we meet up with Marc and his friend for our next session. She will be joining us, so we can compare the two results. I'll be keeping everyone updated throughout my posts.

Me and Marc

Eddie (ownder of PowerHouse) and Marc