Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 2: Focus Magazine Project

Headed up to Powerhouse after work for TRX class, I love this class by the way. It's suspension training that works with your own body weight, for a hellacious 45 min.
Then it was time to meet with Marc and our new addition Sylvie. She is a friend of Marc's, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. I had to do my research on how to train someone with MS, and found some great stuff on diet, nutrition, workouts, etc.
I met with Marc, while Sylvie completed her paperwork. Marc and I went through a circuit workout, where we hit several machines and Marc knocked out 1 set with 12 reps each. While Marc was busy doing his thing, I put Sylvie on the bike, to get warmed-up for about 30 min. This is a very good exercise for someone with MS, as it is very sensitive to the joints. All 3 of us then met to do abs and some resistance bands work. I had Marc do various kinds of sit-ups on the stability ball, push-ups on the floor, etc. Sylvie worked with the resistance bands for some bicep-curls, rows, and then hit the deck for push-ups. We ended our workout with one of my personal favorites, "circles." I had them place their arms straight out to their sides, and move their arms in a circular motion, forward, back, up, etc. It's killer!
I went over nutition and workout plans for the week, until we meet again next week. Stay tuned.....

meet Sylvie

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