Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 5: Week 3

Monday night was just Sylvie and I, Marc was "sick," so he says. Sylvie and I worked on upper body. I had Sylvie do a circuit style program, where she would complete 8-10 reps on each machine and then move on the next one. We did each run through, consisting of 6-7 machines, for 3 sets. Sylvie got her game face on and attacked it like it was her job! She started off on the bike, then hit chest press, shoulder press, bicep curl, tricep push down, leg press, hamstring curl, and abs. She is doing so well and isn't showing signs of slowing down. For each set we mixed it up, so she didn't get bored, or myself, or her body. Muscle confusion is the name of the game! Sylvie was spent at the end of the hour. Keep up the good work!

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