Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 6: Week 3

Took my TRX class this Wednesday night, then chilled until Marc and Sylvie arrived. Tonight was Tabata style. This style is high intensity, start and stop, and very effective in Fat Loss. Marc and Sylvie started with running up and down the stairs, at first hitting every step, then every other step. We then went right into down and ups, where they both ran in place and went down to touch the floor, when I said so. I had them change hand positions, from in front of them, to over their heads, to out to their sides. They then went right into mountain climbers, with added push-ups. Next, I had them face each other and lock legs, and perform sit-ups, we then added 3 lb weights, which they used to perform cross body punches as they sat up (as pictured). Marc and Sylvie hit the heavy bag next, where they performed squats and when coming up, would punch the bag. We switched it up, by adding double punches for each hand, as they popped up. Lastly, they grabbed a bosu ball with the 3 lb weights and did toe taps on the bosu. They ended this grueling 45 min workout, and I mean WORKOUT, with stretching and cool down. They'll be feeling this one....

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