Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 4: Week 2

Tonight, Marc and Sylvie tried something, neither of them had tried before..... TRX! I acquainted both of them with their canvas rope contraptions. We ran through the basics, handle/foot cradles, single hand mode, how to raise and lower the straps, facing your anchor point and facing away from your anchor point, etc. Marc and Sylvie did a series of exercises, ranging from 30-45 seconds. They started with an upper-body workout, where they did squats with a row, one handed chest press, one handed tricep extension, etc. I then had them place their TRX, into single-hand mode, where they used only one foot cradle for their lower body workout. They both did single leg runner's lunges, then they added a hop to this movement, working their balance skills. I had them drop to their backs and do hip raises and hamstring curls. We ended with abs. Oh abs, oh abs..... Abs are one of the toughest moves on the TRX. I had Marc and Sylvie get in a push-up position, and they were to bring their knees in to their chest, working their lower and upper abs. We ended with the two of them holding in plank position, engaging their entire core, with their legs suspended. Marc and Sylvie stretched their bodies out with the TRX and we called it a night. Marc and Sylvie stated,they love how each session, is different. They said, they don't want to get bored, and I assured them, that's not going to happen!

I promise next time pictures ;)

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  1. trx is no joke, i'm glad you gave them an idea of what it is.