Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 1: Focus Magazine project

Met with Marc today from Focus Magazine for our first training session @ Powerhouse Gym in Ybor, Tampa. I will be training him for 90 days, getting him revved up! Today we started off with a quick warm-up, on the treadmill and stretched. I then sent Marc to the indoor stairs. He climbed one step at a time with a light jog, skipping every other step. Then he was off to assisted pull-ups, then to dips. I sent him back to the stairs, where he needed a breather, before tackling them again. "One step at a time," I told him. Breathing is so important when it comes to endurance training. We took it easy the first night as we will gradually increase the workouts as his endurance level builds up. I will work on not only training him physically, but also mentally. Wednesday we meet up with Marc and his friend for our next session. She will be joining us, so we can compare the two results. I'll be keeping everyone updated throughout my posts.

Me and Marc

Eddie (ownder of PowerHouse) and Marc

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