Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 12: Week 6- Maximum Heart rate

Wednesday, Marc returned and yes he did enter into hell, as my last post promised. He described it as dark, but yet light, and smelled like burnt glass. I dunno guys, that's just what he said. Moving on....

I started Marc and Sylvie both out on the stationary bike, set at the "fat loss" program for 10 min. Sylvie wore her knee and wrist brace today, as I had requested to help make sure her joints stay warm and tight. I then moved one of them to the row machine and the other to the treadmill for 10 min, then they switched spots. On the row machine, I set the resistance slightly above where I knew they were comfortable. Remember to always go above your comfort zone, if you are wanting results. I had them switch from a narrow to a wide grip on the rower, working different muscles in the back. On the treadmill, I had them jog, sprint, side shuffle, and back pedal, all while increasing/ decreasing the speed and raising/ lower the incline.

We then moved onto a condensed version of tabatas. I had them do push ups, with normal hand positioning, wide hands, and off set hands. They then dropped down for abs. I had them on their backs first, where they hovered their feet 6 in. above the ground, working their lower abs. I then had them flip over and hold in plank and make a "sawing" motion, by shifting their weight back and forth on their toes, this engages every "core" muscle you have. Great exercise! I then moved them to the "sandpit." This is an actual pit of sand at the gym, where the sand makes each and every exercise more challenging, due to the sand displacing your footing. I had Marc and Sylvie, do side-shuffles, sprints, suicides, and back pedals.

I asked them both to stretch, but they both said they needed a second to breathe. I would say that's a workout folks!

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