Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 13: Week 7- Lower Body

I arrived right on time, but Marc was already on the treadmill, doing his thing. Makes me feel good as a trainer, that even when I'm not around, my clients will still push themselves. Marc has had a stressful week, due to the first issue of Focus Magazine coming out in South Tampa, sometime next week. Sylvie was not able to make it today, so I told Marc, he'd be working out for two tonight. Marc continued on the treadmill, with me, increasing and decreasing the speeds, every minute, so that he was getting that extra push, to shed those lbs.

We then moved over to "our spot," which is nicely tucked away. I had Marc perform the lower body workout, I had Sylvie perform the prior week (please see Day 11: Week 6). Marc owned it tonight, and definitely worked out for two!

I can't believe I haven't mentioned this yet, but Marc has me do my own workout, twice each week too. He has some difficulty with his combo lock for his locker. Keep in mind, these are the locks you had in high school, where you have to turn it to the right past zero twice, to your number, back to the left past zero once, to your number, then back to the third number. One would think Marc would catch on, but I'm pretty sure it's just pay back for the hell that is unleashed upon him twice a week.

Great job Marc, don't work too hard, and congrats on your first issue! Maybe get a lock with a key? I'm just sayin...

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