Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 9: Week 5- Cardio/ Kettlebell

I like to keep things fresh, so today after 30 min of Cardio on the Stair- Stepper, Marc and Sylvie dabbled in some Kettlebell. I went over the basic swings with them (2- handed, single, clean, press, etc.) I told them the main tool is your hips, always drive those hips forward on a swing, so that momentum becomes your friend. We spent about 15 min running through each of these drills. Marc and Sylvie loved it! Well, they didn't really come out and say that, but I'm running with it.
Sylvie is doing so well each week. Remember she suffers from MS. She is attempting every exercise I throw at her, and together we are making modifications as needed.
Marc and Sylvie then dropped down for abs. I had them do, "toe tappers, butterfly tappers, and oblique crunches," making sure they hit their entire core.
Great end, to a great beginning, as we start on the second month of their Total Mind and Body Transformations.

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