Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 7: Week 4- Cardio

Cardio, cardio, cardio, weights, weights, weights, is what I was yelling to Marc and Sylvie as they pressed through a grueling workout on Monday. I put them both on the treadmill for about 30 min and started them off in a jog at Level 6 incline. Every 2 min, I would decrease the speed and incline and then bring it back up, the next 2 min. For the last 5 min of cardio, I had both of them at the highest incline, at a speed of 3.2. They both were panting, sweating, and moaning, as they watched the timer count down to 0. We then moved onto weights, where I had them take turns doing sit-ups, bench press, lat pull downs, rows, and plank. Both Marc and Sylvie proved to me, that they want to be Fit and Healthy, by benching like machines and working those abs, like it was nobody's business. Great end to our one month journey. We will be checking weight and measurements next week. They have no need to worry, all their hard work is paying off.

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